Situate yourself so that your shoulders are at an angle to the camera lens. Typically, your shoulders are the widest part of your body. By positioning yourself sideways to the camera (about three-quarters of the way to the camera), you are creating an illusion that you’re actually narrower than you are. Stand with one foot in front of the other, with your weight resting on your back foot. Point your front foot’s toes at the camera to elongate your appearance. This pose will make you visually slimmer.

Minimize the double-chin effect. Regardless of how thin or fit you are, you may still show a double chin in your pictures if you don’t hold your head correctly. Pull your head slightly forward, extending the neck a bit as you do. You can even tilt your head a little to give a more natural effect. Don’t tilt, pull or extend too much, though, or you will appear strained and awkward. Look up at the camera, or focus your gaze right above the camera. If your face is going to be in the frame, never let the camera fall below your eye level.

Fight Flabby Upper Arm syndrome. As you hold your arms up against your body’s trunk, they tend to flatten out, accentuating any upper arm fat you have. (Everyone has some.) As you hold your arms out slightly – so hold your arms away from your body.

Suck it in. At the risk of looking deliberate, you should attempt a pose that focuses on good posture and slimming the belly region. Stand up straight with your shoulders back. Push your chest forward and gently suck in your tummy. Avoid doing this excessively so your ribcage shows, but do it enough to straighten out your torso giving a slimming effect.

Always look up. Looking down at the camera is never flattering. Professional photographers say it’s the quickest way to add up to 20 pounds on a subject. So, always require that your photographer be above you or at least even with you at eye level.

Use props to cover any areas you wish to hide. If you have a blemish or tattoos you wish to disguise, hold flowers, a book or other item in front of them as your picture is taken. With that being said, if you wish to hide your face, you can shield it with a prop, too. Any tummy pooch you feel you have can also be hidden by placing something in front of it, leaving that part up to your clients’ imaginations.

Dress in monochrome. Patterns can be overwhelming, especially to small statures. Horizontal stripes can make you look wide. But, outfits in the same color or based on the same color palette elongate the frame and make you look taller and slimmer. Select a color that suits you. While black works on mostly everyone, you might choose red, blue or any other color that complements your complexion and/or hair color.

Kneel on the floor for your pictures. For a unique pose, kneel on the floor with your knees close together. (Don’t squeeze them together: that can create an illusion that your legs are pudgy when pressed up together too tightly.) Begin to lean back as the photographer takes your picture. This pose is slimming and elongates your torso, giving a very pleasant image. However, don’t go all stripper-like and pose in a dirty porn-magazine style with your legs spread too far apart.

Draw attention to your legs. If your legs are long and shapely, pose in such a way that clients will think they go on forever. Lay on the floor, with your rump up against a wall. Extend your legs fully up the wall, so they stretch out nearly all the way. Bend your knees slightly to reduce a stiff appearance. Before showing up for your shoot, wax and exfoliate your legs so they are smooth and glowing.

Bend. Many escorts look stiff in their photos, especially if they contract with a budget photographer for their images. You can decrease the stiff-looking effect by bending at the joints. Some photographers say that if a joint bends, it shouldn’t be straight in a photo. In other words, bend slightly at the knee, at the elbow, at the wrist and at the hips. Straight lines are never good in pictures; curves are much more flattering.